Lecture of His holiness in the gathering of Ashuraeian

Lecture of His holiness in the gathering of Ashuraeian

Among the poems, eulogists of Prophet's Family (a.s.) and the authorities of religious Heyats of Qom province in the gathering of Ashuraeian, His holiness said: A group of people advocated revolution with the motive of gaining power, but Imam's resistance resulted in their escape. ‌

In his lecture in the Ashuraeian gathering, His holiness described the tradition:

حسين مني و انا من حسين

At the time of Prophet (s.a.), a large number of hypocrites formed a powerful band, but did not date to appear their hypocrisy at the Prophet's time due to his power. However, after demise of Prophet (s.a.), gradually they became powerful, and some ignorant people too paved the way for them, and elected the son of Abou Sofyan as the Caliph of Moslems, and successor of Prophet (s.a.).

Stating that the hypocrites always exist at all the times, His holiness added: There were some people in the revolution, and advocated it with the purpose of having a high position in the revolution, but Imam's power did not let them, and finally they escaped to abroad. Referring to the uprise of Imam Hossein (a.s.), and change of course of Islam history, he said: We are indebted to Karbala and Ashura; Ashura is our honor and protector of Islam. Not o

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