Factors that Lead towards Societal Destruction

There are four things, which, even if one of them is present in a home, will lead to its destruction and God’s blessings will not bring it to flourishment...‌

In Between Two Great Responsibilities

A faithful person is always worried about two things...‌

The Role of the Pen

Imam Sadiq (a) has said: I have not seen anything weeping as beautifully as a pen when it smiles.‌

They Pay so Much Attention so the Food That They Eat, but…

Imam Hasan ('a) is narrated to have said: I am surprised at those who reflect on the food that they are going to eat and yet they do not think at all in regards to the food of their soul. They stay away from unhealthy food, but they fill their hearts with various destructive matters.‌

The Measure of Reflection

Nothing can ever be completed without careful study, planning, and cautiousness; at the same time, nothing can ever be completed without a lack of care as well.‌

Thought, Contemplation, and Reflection

Filling the mind with all sorts of scientific formulas, logical precepts, philosophical principles, and all other types of knowledge is of extremely little value unless it is accompanied with proper thinking and a clear and accurate worldview.‌

What is the Relationship Between Our Efforts and the Divine Decree?

There is no question that the divine decree extends along with the level of our own efforts and hard work....‌

How did Imam Sajjad ('a) change the society of his time through the freeing of numerous slaves?

At the time of Islam’s revelation, slavery was a prevalent phenomenon, even in empires such as Rome. Since the abolishment of such a ...‌