The Jurisdiction of the Rulings of the Supreme Leader

The jurisprudential rulings issued by the Supreme Leader apply to the entire world and no country is an exception in this regard.‌

Examining the Teachings of the ʿArafah Supplication from the Viewpoint of Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi

The supplication of ʿArafah must be recited with a full heartfelt presence and with complete understanding of its content. One must reflect on the deeper meaning of its various teachings and benefit from the blessings of this great day.‌

A Survey in to the Intellectual Legacy of Imam al-Rida (ʿa) from the Viewpoint of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

The scientific debates and discussions held by Imam ʿAli ibn Musā al-Rida (ʿa) are not a historical matter which only pertains to the past; they are rather a main source which should be utilized today for the comprehensive defense of Islam.‌

The Announcement Regarding Sighting the Moon of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Saturday 1396/03/06 SH is the first day of the holy month of Ramadan‌

Saudi Regime is Unworthy of Being in Charge of the Hajj and the Management of Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina

According to the directions we find in the Quran, all Muslims must have a role in the management of the Hajj, whether those who inhabit the two holy cities or those who arrive there for the Hajj pilgrimage from other countries.‌

Corruption and Bribery are the Great Problems which Have plagued the World of Today and They Have even Plagued the United Nations

Unfortunately, today money rules the world; it is a world where a wealthy country like Saudi Arabia can intimidate and bribe even the UN Secretary General with its petro-dollars.‌

The Answer to a Request for Fatwa regarding a Movie

One of the Arabic TV channels based in England has been fundraising, for a few months now, for the production of a feature film called ''Yawm al-Adhāb'' [i.e. The Day of Torment] and it has received millions of pounds from the Shias all over the world.‌

IstIfta Regarding the Prohibition of Registering in Facebook

Facebook is like an uncontrolled city that everyone from scientists and elites to thieves and swindlers and those with various types of corruption, has a shop in this city. In these stores, sometimes, the necessities of life and in many cases instruments of sins and corruptions as well as moral deviations are available for all.‌

Inquiry as to the ones who have insulted Imam Ali al-Naqi (a)

Whatsoever insult toward the lofty state of Imams (a) is regarded as blasphemy and entails Irtidad in case the insulter is Muslim and if it is not done by a Muslim it is as if one insults the holy prophet (s).‌

Muslims Shall Be Vigilant Against Discords

To the Kind attention of Hazrat Ayatollah Makarem ShiraziWith greeting, Undoubtedly, mourning for Hazrat Sayedoshohad (a.s.) is honorable for all Shiite. However, some questions are raised about the method of mourning and a group of adversaries are trying to cause discord among the mourners through spreading gossips. You are kindly requested to clarify for us the proper method of mourning for the Master of Freemen.Regards, A number of your Moghalleds

Answer to the Questions About the Sacred Mosque of Jamkaran

QuestionHis holiness Hazrat Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi  With greeting,You have previously mentioned valuable utterances for introduction of Jamkaran mosque. The lovers of Imam of Time (a.s.) request for a more comprehensive introduction about this great religious centers to remove any ambiguity and temptation raised by the uninformed and ignorant.  A number of your MoqalledinOctober 2006

To the Kind attention of His holiness, the Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

With greeting and regards, First, considering that many number of candidates results in scattering and partitioning of votes, and may cause important problems, we would like to ask you if we are in doubt between two candidates and know that one is “More qualified” but less publicly accepted, and the other is “Qualified”, but more publicly accepted, which one we shall select? Please guide us for this legal responsibility.

Taking hostage the civilians and guiltless individuals

To the kind attention of His holiness, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi ‌ Wishing deliverance of the Iraq Islamic territory from the presence of the occupiers,

Reply of His holiness to a letter about the third testimony

Text of question: ‌ To the kind attention of His holiness, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi‌

Reply of His holiness to the letter of a number of seminary students regarding j

In the name of GodI had declared this decree several years ago conditionally, and it has been registered in my book, Rulings of Taqlid, that if based o­n the approval of the experts, smoking cigar (and other tobacco products) is harmful for health, it is forbidden.‌