The Meeting of Shaykh Isa Qāsim, the Leader of the Shi’as of Bahrain with Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

You are the backbone of the Muslims and their protector; may Allah protect you and prolong your life. We pray for your well-being and ask Allah to grant you a long life‌

We Must Always U p d a t e Our Means and Methods

We can defeat the enemies by our thought and logic.‌

The Love for the Prophet’s Ahl-al-Bayt is What Can Unify all Muslims/the Eradication of Daesh was the Result of the Unity of Muslims/the Muslim Ummah must be Cautious about the Plots of the Enemies in the Future

In order for the unity of Muslims to be strong, all Muslim schools must respect each other’s sanctities. We, as Muslims, will not allow Shias to insult what Sunnis hold sacred and we will not allow Sunnis to insult what Shias hold sacred; no Muslim school of thought is allowed to insult the sanctities of other schools.‌

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Commended the Activities of the Academy of Islamic Sciences in Germany

It is quite pleasing to know that such a center is active in Germany, that is to say at the heart of Europe, and a number of our brothers and sisters are busy there studying Islamic sciences. We hope that such centers are also established in other areas and they expand their activities in scope.‌

The Solution to the Problem of Terrorism

‘I remember two of his remarks from last year’s meeting; the first sentence was that terrorism has turned in to an unsolvable problem for Europe’; however, we believe that there are no problems which cannot be solved. In order to eliminate this problem, the following three steps must be taken: first, the ideological roots of terrorism must be destroyed, second, political negotiations must be conducted, and third, those who are guilty of committing acts of terrorism must be brought to justice. Only by following these three guidelines will the problem of terrorism be definitely eliminated.‌

Practicing the Teachings of Islam in our Day to Day Lives is the Best Way of Promoting Islam

You should pay extra attention to the youth in your region; today, the enemies are working at their full capacity to lead the youth astray and lead them towards indecencies and corrupt beliefs. However, we can protect the youth by means of the Islamic culture and teachings.‌

Shias Are at the Forefront of the Fight against Takfiri Groups/Indonesia Must Be Vigilant not to Fall in the Sedition of Takfiri Wahhabism

We are ready for any kind of cooperation with our Muslim Indonesian friends/our Indonesian brothers must be careful about the spread of Takfiri Wahhabism in their country; today, Indonesia enjoys a state of security and peace.‌

The Western Thinkers Can Play an Undeniably Important Role in Fighting Islamophobia and Rejecting Iranophobia

The way that Iran and the Revolution of the Iranian people are being depicted in the Western media is very different from the reality that you have witnessed with your own eyes. It is a mistake to base your judgments about Iran on the propaganda of the Media whose sole occupation is the spread of Islamophobia and Iraniphobia.‌

The Remarks of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in the Inauguration of the New Website of “Wahhabism Review”

The duty of all religious scholars and Islamic seminaries is to engage in intellectual and scientific confrontation with the Wahhabis; we need to prove to everyone that the Wahhabis are the agents of the enemies of Islam and that their ideas are anti-Islamic in nature.‌

Atheism, Extremism, and Moral Corruptions Are the Three Major Problems of Today’s World

I hope that with your trip to Iran our two religious centers will have better connections. We are glad to see that you place such an importance on peace and justice and that you have a department for the promotion of justice and peace.‌

Yemen Will Come out Victorious from its Battle with the Invaders

The world knows that the innocent people of Yemen have been harshly oppressed by the Saudi invaders. However, the Saudis’ petrodollars have influenced and silenced the political leaders of the world as well as the responsible international organizations.‌

We must not allow the Extremists to Have a Chance to Create Division amongst Muslims

We have enemies who seek to hinder our progress and the spread of Islam in the world, but they will not succeed in doing so.‌

The TV and Satellite Channels which Add Fuel to the Flames of Discord among Muslims Are Controlled by the Enemies

Takfiris spill the blood of Muslims and destroy the infrastructures of Muslim countries. The enemies have pitted Muslims against one another, and now they are watching this and enjoy it.‌

The Meeting of the Grand Mufti of Syria with Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

Referring to the danger posed by the Takfir groups to the entire Muslim world,  Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi stated that the complete eradication of this danger is possible only through intellectual and scientific confrontation with the Takfir ideology and that this requires a more active role to be played by mass media in this regard.‌

Takfiris Are a Common Threat for the Entire Muslim World/the Saudis Will also not Be Safe from the Dangers of Takfirism

Takfirism originates from a distorted and deviated school of thought. It is the responsibility of the Muslim scholars to eradicate the roots of this kind of ideology.‌

Rationality is the axis of the School of Ahlul Bayt ('a)

If someone looks from the outside, the group that believes in reason is more acceptable. At the same time, the Qur’an is for those whom have reason, 70 verses of the book are about the people of reason.‌

My stance on 3G has been altered

We are not against technology however western technologies are like muddy unhygienic water. Water is the source of life yet when it is dirty it must be refined.‌

The Islamic World Is Experiencing One of Its Most Critical Situations in History

The Islamic World is experiencing one of its most critical situations in its 1400-year-old history. The enemies of Islam, in all Muslim countries, have set the fire of war between Muslim brothers as the blood of Muslims is shed by people who pretend to be Muslims.”‌

Freedom Seeking Countries Can Have Influential Role in Global Political Equations if They Unite.

Our country was under the hegemony of oppressors and no one would believe that we could free ourselves, however Imam Khumaini (r) decided to make a move, therefore, trusting in God and being supported by people, he managed to succeed.‌

Use of WMDs Compatible with No Islamic Principle

It is wrong to think Muslims or a country like Iran have a plan to use Atomic or Chemical bombs because WMDs are incompatible with the principles and commands of Islam.‌

Extremism in Islamic World Should Be Stopped

It’s not surprising if anyone cries for what Islam and Muslims are going through these days. The enemies have caused friction amongst the Muslims and watch them fighting each other.‌

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: No Chance That Iran Will Make WMDs

Whenever we hear that one of Red Cross or Red Crescent’s men have been kidnapped or killed, we become very irritated. This shows that unfortunately, human moral has decreased to such a point that they harm people who have come to their own aid.‌

The Unity of Muslim Scholars Will Prepare the Ground for Solving the Problems of Muslims

If Muslim scholars and leaders sit and discuss together, and Islamic nations j o i n hands against this threat and resist against this group, they can take effective steps especially against the puppet rulers.‌

Why the Tragic Events In Syria Do Not Cause the Islamic Schools to Wake Up?

Wherever the Takfiri Wahhabism has stepped, it brought nothing but damage and massacres. Since the first day of Human Creation, no crime has happened similar to the crimes they are committing.‌

The West Should Use This Opportunity to Build Trust/ America and Israel Are the Main Causes of Insecurity In the Region

After the Islamic Revolution, Iran has achieved the true independence and if others do not prevent us, we will have a government more powerful than now. ‌

We Are Concerned About the U.S. and the West’s Greediness.

Unfortunately, some governments have illusions about Iran, the U.S. government is influenced by the Congress, and the Congress is also affected by the Zionist Regime and maybe they do not want any agreement to be reached.‌

It is necessary to improve our relationship with Japan day by day

Unfortunately, the Western political issues sometimes cause us to be far apart. The enemy’s false propaganda against Iran an Japan make us to be far apart from each other‌

The Quran, a key for solidarity between Muslim schools

Our enemies disunite Muslims. They arm Muslims and sit aside and watch them keeling each other and tear their own countries down‌

Muslim scholars should appreciate the opportunity of the Islamic Awakening

Our enemies after being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan are aiming their plots at making disunity amongst Muslims and encouraging them to kill one another. In such condition Muslims especially scholars must be vigilant‌

Whatsoever disunity especially amongst neighboring countries, is considered as helping the enemy.

The enemies of Islam using various plots aim at making hostility within Muslims and turning them against one another. Only the enemies will benefit f r o m this situation.‌