The Old and Valuable Shi’a Manus c r i p ts are imprisoned in Libraries

Unfortunately, the managers of famous libraries both at home and abroad do not allow us to make copies of these ancient manus c r i p ts so that the researchers may use them.‌

The Speech of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about the Sedition of Daesh at the Beginning of his Advanced Fiqh Course

At the beginning of the month of Rabiʿ Al Awwal, we heard the happy news that the power of the Daesh terrorist group has been destroyed and it no longer holds any major cities to rule. This is particularly promising as no terrorist group in the history of the world has been as brutal and savage as the Daesh terrorists‌

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s Sharp Criticism of the Indifference of the Muslim World toward the Genocide of Muslims in Myanmar

Is it not the duty of Muslim countries to voice their outrage at these crimes? Is it not time for the so-called Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which consists of nearly 60 Muslim countries, to hold an emergency special session in order to help these innocent people?  ‌

We must vigilantly Protect Our Revolution otherwise those who seek to undermine it will take over Key Government Posts

Two factors caused the revolution of the Messenger of Allah (ṣ) and his newly-established government to fall in the hands of those who were not worthy of it and who sought to undermine it.‌

The United States is forming an Arab-European NATO to combat Islam

The US has planned to play the Muslim countries off against each other and make them destroy each other, just as it previously enticed some Muslim countries to ravage Syria and Yemen. In so doing, it pursues two goals at the same time: it seeks to make the Muslim countries destroy each other with their own hands and, at the same time, it will be selling off its junk arms.‌

A Warning to the Āl-Khalifa [House of Khalifa]: the fate of Gadhafi and the Shah of Iran Awaits You

The Āl-Khalifa must learn a lesson from the fate of the Shah of Iran and that of Gadhafi. The day will come that you will be held accountable for the innocent bloods that you have spilled‌

His Eminence's Reaction to the Crocodile Tears Shed by the West for Children in Aleppo: Under No Circumstances Can the Westerners and Their Hypocritical Policies be Trusted

They are trying to somehow make up for their failure and defeat in Aleppo. Fortunately, the world has become cognizant of their deception and hypocrisy and no one will fall for their crocodile tears. The truth of the westerners’ hypocritical and largely contradictory policies has now been exposed and the world knows what is actually behind their words and deeds.‌  ‌

The True Face of the US and the West Has Been Exposed

We must not be deceived by the propaganda of the West regarding the western civilization and democracy. They have never been loyal to anyone and they have never honored their commitments. They do not even have any regard for the very human rights that they so fervently pretend to support. Despite all this, there are still some people who, unfortunately, still persist in their inclination towards the west.‌

The Barbaric Crimes and Atrocities of the Saudi Regime in Yemen is Due to Their Madness/The House of Saud is at the End of Its Rope

They have witnessed with their own eyes that no matter how much pressure they exert to pass the event of Ashura into oblivion, people become more interested and attracted to the mourning ceremonies held for Imam al- Hussayn (ʿa). This year’s mourning ceremonies, in which more than 6 million people took part, were almost unprecedented.‌

Important Advice to the Mourners and the Preachers Who are Going to Take Part in the Commemoration Ceremonies Held in Honor of Imam al-Ḥussayn (ʿa)

The enemies are trying to infiltrate these religious ceremonies in order to transform them into superstitious activities. One of the issues that they are counting on to help them achieve this goal is the issue of Tatbir.‌

Wherever there is destruction and the killing of the innocent there is the traces of the presence of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis

The evil Saudi regime is using its oil revenues for the destruction of Muslim countries. If only this money had been used for the development and prosperity of the Muslim world, God only knows how advanced and prosperous the Muslim world would have been.‌

Wahhabism is a Fabricated and Fake School and Has Nothing to Do with Islam/the Downfall of Wahhabism is near

The Sunni scholars in Chechnya have explicitly denounced Wahhabism and stated that it is not a Sunni school. We also hereby repudiate Wahhabism and state that it has nothing to do with Shia school either therefore there is a consensus that these Wahhabis are not considered as Muslims. Thank God, there are signs indicating the imminent downfall of this fabricated school. The world is now awakened to the fact that the Wahhabis are dangerous people.‌

Saudi Regime is Unworthy of Being in Charge of the Hajj and the Management of Two Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina

According to the directions we find in the Quran, all Muslims must have a role in the management of the Hajj, whether those who inhabit the two holy cities or those who arrive there for the Hajj pilgrimage from other countries.‌

The Letter of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to Pope Francis

I am really delighted to have heard your comments during your last trip to Poland in which you stated "Islam is not equal to terrorism"‌

We Must Preserve Our Power in order to Protect Ourselves Against the Oppression of those who are slave to money

They put Saudi Arabia on the blacklist of children’s rights violators for a few days, but all of a sudden they removed it from the list a short while later.‌

The Strife which Has Arisen within the Iraqi Community is Rather Heartbreaking/A Word of Advice to the Iraqi Authorities and Politicians

The Iraqi people must settle their disputes with each other and become united to drive their enemy out of their country; the religious authorities have no border and they belong to all Muslims in the world. We intend but what is good for all Muslims and the entire Muslim world.‌

Iran Is at the Frontline of the Fight against Terrorism/Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi Ideology Are the Origin of Takfir and Bloodshed

We are at the frontline of the fight against terrorism and extremism in Iraq and Syria; no country cares about fighting terrorism and violent extremism as we do, yet some are blatantly accusing us of supporting terrorism!‌

Liars Who Call Themselves Muslims

One of the strangest things of our time is the recent action of a number of Arab leaders who, in a meeting of theirs, have announced the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement as a terrorist group; it is rather shocking that a resistance group which has given back the Arabs their pride and honor, has been labeled by the same Arabs as a terrorist group.‌

The Government Officials Must Do All in Their Power to Solve the Problems Which the People Face

The Authorities must show gratitude for the sincere support that they receive from the people and must work hard to solve the problems which the people face in return. These rallies are a thorn in the side of the enemies of Islam and those of our Islamic Revolution, and they give hope to the friends of the Islamic Revolution.‌

Declaration of the International Conference on the “Takfiri Threats in Today’s World

We are hopeful that the excellent way of life of the Messenger of Allah (s) becomes an exemplar for all the Muslims and the focus of the ambition of all the Muslim scholars and thinkers of the world.‌

The Lecture of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in The Congress of “The Takfiri Threats in Today’s World

The duty that we the Islamic scholars of all the Islamic sects have is to come hand in hand and do something that the root of these deviant thoughts is burnt through logical and intellectual demonstration.‌

This News is Going to Be Completed

The second congress on "Extremism and Takfiri Movements in Todays World" which focuses on the responsibilities of the Muslim scholars regarding the problem of extremism commenced this morning.

The Martyrdom of Shaykh Al Nimr Will Never Be Forgotten/A Word of Advice with the Devout Individuals

Shaykh Al Nimr never took up arms; his weapon was his knowledge. The way the Saudis beheaded Shaykh Al Nimr and then hanged his headless body is the exact same thing that the ISIS, terrorists, do.‌

Some Unreliable TV Channels Seem to Have Been Given the Mission to Vilify the Sanctities of Other Schools

The Shaikh of al-Azhar, who is usually a moderate person and who has an inclination towards the unity of Muslims, has recently given a fierce speech in condemnation of Shia Muslims. He has also stated that, this speech had been in reaction to some TV channels which vilify the sanctities of other Muslim schools.‌

Muslim World Should Announce Public Mourning in Solidarity with the Muslims in Nigeria/The OIC Must Hold an Emergency Meeting

Why has the international community, which reacted so severely to the Paris incidents by condemning them, remained silent in the face of this horrendous crime? Surely the act of killing innocent people is condemned, no matter where and against whom it is committed, but is the life of Europeans more valuable than that of the Muslims?‌

Two important pieces of advice by Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to the Western governmentsers and the Wahhabis/Paris attacks were a warning for the Western governmentsers to come back to their senses

We advise the Wahhabi scholars and muftis in Hijaz and elsewhere now to think again about what they have done for so long after witnessing these attacks which are the fruits of their Takfiri teachings. The results of their teachings have been but decapitation, atrocities, incineration, and destruction. So now we advise them to discard their deviant thoughts and to return to the mainstream Muslim community. ‌

If the ISIS ( Daesh) terrorist group does not receive support, it will be easily eliminated.

We hope that the Western governments and the states that provide the ISIS terrorists with support come back to their senses and stop supporting these terrorists; if ISIS does not receive support for a while, it will be easily eliminated.‌

The Saudis’ mismanagement resulted in this great tragedy / The Saudi officials must stop projecting and take on the responsibility for this catastrophe

One of the adverse effects of this tragic incident is that it constitutes a major blow to the sanctity of Hajj which has, unfortunately, been terribly damaged. Such damages cannot be put right and compensated easily.‌

This year’s Hajj must be characterized by the unity of All Muslims/Muslims must be more united than ever

This year’s Hajj rites must be characterized by the unity of all Muslims and everyone must refrain from taking actions that would create discord between Muslims, for the Takfiris are threatening all Muslims now.‌

The rallies on Quds Day will undo all the propaganda of the enemies/Palestine and the holy city of Jerusalem al-Quds are the factor that link all Muslims people together

Quds Day can be a linking factor and an awakening one as well. I hope that, with the assistance of the Almighty Allah, the processions on Quds Day will awaken the Muslim world. Quds, as the first Qiblah of the Muslims, is the factor that links all Muslims together, as it is of great importance to all of them. ‌