The Takfiri Movements Are the Main Problem of the Muslim World

Everything causing mistrust between Muslims must not happen. Shias should not insult the sanctities of other religions because it leads to a civil war. There is no problem speaking about the status of Imam Ali ('a), but the others should not be insulted.‌

The United Nations and the Security Council Have Become a Means of More Oppression and Injustice

The United Nations and the Security Council and similar organizations have been founded to create peace and human rights, but unfortunately, they have become a means of more oppression and injustice.‌  ‌

Iran’s Distrust of US Is Turning to Hatred

The westerners, especially America use obscene, harsh and hateful words with regard to the Islamic Republic of Iran; they have to change their language if they want to have a deal with Iran.‌

IstIfta Regarding the Prohibition of Registering in Facebook

Facebook is like an uncontrolled city that everyone from scientists and elites to thieves and swindlers and those with various types of corruption, has a shop in this city. In these stores, sometimes, the necessities of life and in many cases instruments of sins and corruptions as well as moral deviations are available for all.‌

His Eminence Emphasis on Ending Shia-phobia With an Active Diplomacy

Our major problem is the unfavorable picture of Shia that the enemies drew resorting to all kinds of lies and slanders. So the Shia-phobia must come to an end with an active diplomacy and direct contact with the governments inside and outside the region.‌

We Should Not Criticize Unknowingly; We Should Be United on the Domestic Front

After confirmations made, we should act as there is no disagreement about this issue inside our country and pray to Allah to bestow success to Muslim people all over the world especially the great Iranian nation. ‌

Insulting the Sanctities of Islamic Schools Is Not Permissible

“Neither Shi’a has right to offend the sanctities of other Islamic schools nor does have any of other Islamic schools right to insult the Shia’s sacred believes. The supreme leader along with the  Ayatollah Sistani has forbidden this as well.”‌

It Is a Must to Observe Dignity and National Honor In Iran-West Negotiations

One of the issues which should be regarded by the Iranian nation as well as the authorities is that no one shall promise himself that everything is surely going to be resolved by negotiation. Negotiations therefore, ought to go on with dignity, honor and protecting the good of the nation along with our Islamic System.‌

Takfiri Currents Have Tarnished the Reputation of Islam All Around the World

We should make it clear that these groups are just a small minority. The majority of Muslims however, are against them. Those thoughtless and stupid acts of theirs are in no way consistent with Islamic teachings.” His eminence remarked‌

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s Hajj Expedition Commenced Its Activities in Medina

The dispatched delegation of the  Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's Office including a number of learned scholars started its work on 23/9/2013- Dil Qa’dah 16th at the holy city of Medina .‌

The Good Will of the West Should Be Proven By Concrete Steps

Our government hopefully is aware of the fact that their good will is to be verified only by concrete steps; otherwise diplomatic formalities are quite usual in such meetings.‌  ‌

Dignity of Muslims Is Bound Up With Solidarity

The enemies of Islam are afraid of the day when all Muslims are united. That is why they try their best to divide Muslims and spread suspicion and pessimism amongst them. If Muslims get together and become united they surely will live as a strong, noble and honored community.‌

His Eminence’s Statement on Threats Posed Towards Syria By the U.S.

Previously the U.S along with a couple of European countries would hand in hand carry out such acts and would call it international consensus. Americans however recently are marginalized more than ever. They now want to decide for other countries on baseless accusations and this in my opinion is the greatest loss for them.‌

By Resorting to Moderation Muslim Scholars Should Neutralize the Plots of Enemy

By relying on moderation Muslim scholars, should neutralize the plots of enemies. The enemies these days made Muslims fight one another in Egypt and other countries and laugh at them. ‌

We Are Concerned About the Future of Egypt

We are concerned by Egypt news in these days and we hope that all sit together and decide for the future of Egypt, otherwise, it would be dangerous for the future of this country.‌

This Fatwa Is Against the Consensus of Muslim Scholars

It has been spread among people that a person who observes Fast can drink water and his fast won’t be void. A Hadith has been mentioned for this which is disputable in both documentation and implication.‌

Whatsoever disunity especially amongst neighboring countries, is considered as helping the enemy.

The enemies of Islam using various plots aim at making hostility within Muslims and turning them against one another. Only the enemies will benefit f r o m this situation.‌

Israel’s Attack on Syria exposed the devilish identity of Syrian rebels

This event proved that those who call themselves Free Syrian Army are in fact “Free Israeli Army”. Those governments calling themselves Friends of Syria are actually supporters of Israel. This became quite clear after this attack.‌

Statement of his eminence on the demolition of Hujr ibn ‘Adi’s grave by Wahabbi terrorists

These human-like savages who are unprecedented in history have no mercy neither for the alive nor for the dead and martyrs. If they had power they would tear down the dome and shrine of the holy prophet (s) as they repeatedly confess to this implicitly or explicitly.‌

He reproached the international organization’s silence towards arrogant regimes.

"The UN must think of a way to stop the ongoing wars and bloodshed in different countries.These organizations though, are mostly consultative organizations and they at the very most release a statement. The Security Council however, which has the ability to do something, is taken f r o m the UN and is run by the arrogant countries."

Ayatollah Makarem Shrazi’s statement on the Boston terrorist bombings

We are not happy for the recent bombings happened in the us for Islam considers it haram to attack unarmed innocent people.‌

His eminence"s explicit warning to the Ale Saud

Saudi authorities must know that Shias are not alone in that country and if something happens to them, Muslims -Shias and Sunnis - will not remain silent. Do not even imagine that you can convict them in a sham trial and everything ends. ‌

His eminence"s statement on the massacre occurred in Ummayyad Mosque

This unexpected bloodshed showed the world that for terrorists there is no difference between Shia and Sunni, an Imam or anybody, else the House of Allah or elsewhere. They have no respect for Islam nor for humanity.‌

The Gadhafi’s fate should be a lesson to Regional tyrants

They showed no mercy to Gadhafi and they will surely treat you likewise. It is strange that they do not take any lesson f r o m what they have been observing in the region. They claim intellect but they in fact lack the least logic and intelligence otherwise they would not be acting like this.  ‌

The UN is responsible for the recent crimes happened in Iraq and Pakistan

They ought to look in to this and see if the us, the Saudi and Qatari governments are involved in these crimes and support the terrorists in Pakistan and Iraq. If it is proved then there must be put proper penalties on the mentioned countries by the UN.‌

We have not yet observed any goodwill or loyalty f r o m the enemy

Even though it may conclude to the negotiation, yet being pessimist at this moment is quit natural due to the fact that our enemies have not been benevolent nor loyal to their promises thus far. ‌

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi strongly warned Turkish government

The governmental ties aside, I on behalf of Iranian nation and the public opinion in Iran warn the government of turkey. They used to be on the path of Islam and cared about Islam however they suddenly turned 180 degree away put their hand in the hands of the us and Israeli regime and do not deny this strong relationship. ‌

We denounce the recent massacre in Pakistan

All these calamities are rooted in the Wahhabies which have become a serious problem for the Islamic world and blurred the face of Islam so the Muslim scholars should think of a solution for this problem.‌

The perpetrators of the massacres in Pakistan must be quickly identified and brought to justice.

Wahhabis recognize no reason, logic or laws and they brutally murder innocent people. The government of Pakistan must identify quickly, the ones who are responsible for these grievous massacres and bring them to justice so that we will not witness such crimes anymore.‌

The cruelest people on the earth are western governments

The U.S., Israel and some of their puppets in Arab countries are the ones responsible for these unprecedented catastrophic massacres. In order to reach their nasty interests, they are able to cause bloodbaths wherever they want and to shatter innocent people in to pieces.‌