The UN is responsible for the recent crimes happened in Iraq and Pakistan

The UN is responsible for the recent crimes happened in Iraq and Pakistan

They ought to look in to this and see if the us, the Saudi and Qatari governments are involved in these crimes and support the terrorists in Pakistan and Iraq. If it is proved then there must be put proper penalties on the mentioned countries by the UN.‌

In the beginning of his Fiqh course the Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi denounced the massacres occurred in Iraq and Pakistan.

His eminence reiterated that within the last week around 500 innocents were martyred or injured in Pakistan and Iraq by these fanatic Wahhabi murderers.

His eminence highlighted the fact that this number of victims within just one week is shocking so is the silence of the so called humanitarians and international organizations towards such crimes. He added "This silence shows that they want these tragic crimes to continue. If a single individual of them is killed they certainly will fill the media of this and start a psychological warfare as if the world has ended whilst if there are 500 killed and injured innocents in other places they simply ignore."

He remarked they sometimes do condemn, but is that enough? It is now clear enough -for many obvious indications- that the Saudis as well as Qataris are funding such crimes and the us encourages them to do so. He urged the formation of a Fact-Finding Commission by international organizations and the UN in order for looking in to these massacres and revealing the hands behind the scene and in case it is proved that these are the Saudis, Qataris and the us behind these crimes then there must be put proper penalties on the foresaid countries by the UN.   
 "We strongly denounce these brutal crimes and emphasize on the fact that these are done by people who abide by no morality and are utterly remote f r o m every and each Islamic, ethical and humanitarian principle." His eminence reiterated.

He stressed "We express our sympathy for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and Iraq. There comes no day or night in which I do not pray in the Qunut of my prayer and after prayer for Muslims especially the followers of Ahlulbait to be protected f r o m the mischief of the enemies."

His eminence added "We live in a weird world in which some people under the flag of civilization show the ugliest savageness and others are just watching. It unfortunately is becoming normal. We hope that Allah (swt) eradicate these people and their supporters."

Elsewhere in his speech his eminence highlighting the fact that preserving the Islamic system in Iran has its cost and we should pay this cost remarked: keeping up with an Islamic system in such a world where a large number of anti-Islam, anti-God and secular governments are running the world, is not a simple job. We should stand fast and pay the cost for this resistance though. We observe these days that many governments simply give up to the arrogant powers and sell their own nations up. We should nonetheless, preserve our Islamic dignity and independence of course we have to pay the cost too.

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