This News is Going to Be Completed

This News is Going to Be Completed

The second congress on "Extremism and Takfiri Movements in Todays World" which focuses on the responsibilities of the Muslim scholars regarding the problem of extremism commenced this morning.

Many Muslim scholars and intellectuals from Iran and various Muslim countries, along with the ambassadors of different Muslim countries, are participating in this congress. The congress is held under the supervision of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in the holy city of Qom.

The congress was opened with a review on the 1st congress which was held last year the congress is in progress with the lecture of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.


According to the reports by the news headquarters of the International Congress on Takfiri Threats in Today’s world, the 2nd International Congress on Takfiri Threats in Today’s world kicked off minutes ago with the presence of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, the secretary general of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, and number of prominent Shia and Sunni scholars in Imam Kādhim Seminary School in Qom.

Based on the schedule of the congress, following the speech of  Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi the publications of the congress secretariat will be unveiled.

The congress also includes an academic panel discussion which will be attended by prominent Muslim scholars, followed by a ceremony in which awards will be given to top authors of various articles.


The Congress Schedule:

The opening of the congress by the recitation of some verses from the Quran (9:00 local time)

 The arrival of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in the conference hall (9:10 local time)

The National Anthem of the Islamic Republic of Iran (9:15 local time)

Welcoming the attendants and presenting a report regarding the last year’s congress (9:20)

After welcoming the attendants, Dr. Hakim Elahi presented a report regarding the 1st congress on Takfiri threats which was held last year.


The Report Presented by the Head of the Secretariat of the Congress      

The scientific confrontation with Takfirism must be institutionalized

The head of secretariat of the Congress on Takfiri Threats stated: “the scientific confrontation with Takfirism must be institutionalized”.

According to the reports by the news headquarter of the International Congress of “Takfiri Threats in Today’s World: the Responsibilities of the Muslim Scholars”, in the opening of this congress this morning in the Great Prophet (s) auditorium of Imam Kadhim (a) Seminary School, Hojjatl-Eslam Hakim Elahi stated: “due to the widespread participation of Muslim scholars in the last congress and also because of the necessity of the cooperation of Muslim scholars to eradicate the threats posed by Takfiri movements, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi decided to establish a permanent secretariat for the congress so as to help institutionalize the scientific confrontation with Takfirism”.

He then continued: “among the objectives of this congress are the explanation and dissemination of moderate Islam, the promotion of the culture of peaceful coexistence, the identification, investigation and scientific critique of Takfirim, extremism and violence, raising public awareness regarding the threats posed by Takfiri ideologies and violent and extremist actions, strengthening the ties among Muslim scholars, taking unanimous stances against extremist ideologies, the study of the ways out of the crisis of Takfir, and outlining a utopian society”.

He further noted: “the research division of this congress has held five scholarly meetings outside Iran with prominent Muslim scholars, and with the purpose of scientific confrontation with Takfiri ideologies. It has also held 13 meetings inside Iran which were aimed at the identification of the origins of Takfirism”.

He continued: “some of the scientific works of the congress include the publication of 830 national and international articles, the publication of top articles in five volumes, the compilation and publication of more than 40 books in Persian, Urdu, and Arabic, the development of a software containing all of the publications of the secretariat of the congress in collaboration with the “Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences”, offering conventional and distance courses on genealogy, and answering the doubts created by Takfiris”.

Hakim Elahi also referred to the works of the secretariat in the field of media and stated: “among such works are more than 30 music videos and infographies, 1300 minutes of TV programs in five languages, extensive cooperation with national and international media, the inauguration of the website of the congress secretariat, and the dissemination of the publications through social networks”.

The head of the secretariat of the congress on Takfiri threats, then, continued: “with regard to establishing connections among the scholars a lot of attempts have been made, among which are the cooperation, interaction and connection with more than two thousand prominent Muslim scholars from various countries, sending the publications of the secretariat to the scholars and various scientific and research centers in the world, establishing connections with various scientific and cultural centers in the world, holding meetings with great Muslim figures, and traveling to have meetings with various scientific and political figures, both in Iran and in other countries”.

He also noted: “the secretariat of the international congress on Takfiri threats, as one of the important scientific and research centers established with the aim of fighting Takfirism and extremism, hereby announces that it is ready to cooperate with all scientific and research centers as well as Muslim scholars, and that it welcomes any suggestion which might help the scientific confrontation with these extremist ideologies”.  


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