The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi on Condemnation of the Brutal Attacks on Two Churches in Egypt

I condole with the great Egyptian Nation and I pray to Allah the Almighty to grant the bereaved patience and fortitude, and the wounded the restoration of their health.


We Are Concerned About the Future of Egypt

We are concerned by Egypt news in these days and we hope that all sit together and decide for the future of Egypt, otherwise, it would be dangerous for the future of this country.

His eminence’s statement on the killing of some Shi’as in Egypt

The Takfiri Wahhabis today are the worst problem the Islamic world is suffering f r o m. These Takfiris deal heavy blow to Islam and Muslim’s reputation by their horrific acts. They are portraying a violent and barbaric image of Islam which is the religion of mercy and compassion.

The message of his eminence to some Muftis of Hijaz and Egypt

Those Muftis who condemn the uprising of people against the tyrants must reconsider their Fatwas immediately and j o i n the ranks of Muslim community; they should not lose initiative in this field and must not let the enemies of Islam to exploit this situation in their own favor.

The message of his highness to the zealous Egyptian nation and honorable Al-Azhar

Justice, reasonable freedom, eradication of poverty and avoiding foreign interference in Muslim's matters, these are all from the certain principles of Islam and Quran.