The Old and Valuable Shi’a Manus c r i p ts are imprisoned in Libraries

Unfortunately, the managers of famous libraries both at home and abroad do not allow us to make copies of these ancient manus c r i p ts so that the researchers may use them.‌

The Speech of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about the Sedition of Daesh at the Beginning of his Advanced Fiqh Course

At the beginning of the month of Rabiʿ Al Awwal, we heard the happy news that the power of the Daesh terrorist group has been destroyed and it no longer holds any major cities to rule. This is particularly promising as no terrorist group in the history of the world has been as brutal and savage as the Daesh terrorists‌

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s Sharp Criticism of the Indifference of the Muslim World toward the Genocide of Muslims in Myanmar

Is it not the duty of Muslim countries to voice their outrage at these crimes? Is it not time for the so-called Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which consists of nearly 60 Muslim countries, to hold an emergency special session in order to help these innocent people?  ‌

We must vigilantly Protect Our Revolution otherwise those who seek to undermine it will take over Key Government Posts

Two factors caused the revolution of the Messenger of Allah (ṣ) and his newly-established government to fall in the hands of those who were not worthy of it and who sought to undermine it.‌

A Warning to the Āl-Khalifa [House of Khalifa]: the fate of Gadhafi and the Shah of Iran Awaits You

The Āl-Khalifa must learn a lesson from the fate of the Shah of Iran and that of Gadhafi. The day will come that you will be held accountable for the innocent bloods that you have spilled‌

The United States is forming an Arab-European NATO to combat Islam

The US has planned to play the Muslim countries off against each other and make them destroy each other, just as it previously enticed some Muslim countries to ravage Syria and Yemen. In so doing, it pursues two goals at the same time: it seeks to make the Muslim countries destroy each other with their own hands and, at the same time, it will be selling off its junk arms.‌
Factors that Lead towards Societal Destruction

Factors that Lead towards Societal Destruction

There are four things, which, even if one of them is present in a home, will lead to its destruction and God’s blessings will not bring it to flourishment...‌

The Role of the Pen

Congratulations on the Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of the Imam Mūsā al- Kāẓim ('a)

The Imam assumed the divinely appointed position of Imamah in the year 148, when his father was martyred, making him the seventh Shiite Imam. He himself was martyred in either the year 183 Hijri or 186 Hijri.‌

On the Occasion of International Youth Day G. A. Makarem Shirazi's Official Website Releases:

without young, active, expert, and capable human resources, no country can develop and grow in anything.‌

On the occasion of June 26th, the "International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking" we review the issue from the Islamic perspective.

The strictest laws which prohibit the production, buying and selling, and using narcotics exist in the teachings of Islam. Based on these teachings, it is incumbent upon all Muslims to refrain from buying, selling, or using narcotics.‌

The calendar marks June 20th, the World Refugee Day, hereupon; we will take a look at the issue as viewed in Islam

Based on the statistics published by the International organizations, around 43 to 50 million people in the world have deserted their native countries and fled to other countries due to racial or religious discrimination or social or security threats.‌

A Quick Glance on Child-upbringing in Islam

In developed countries,... children face more complicated sorts of problems. Children in developed countries are constantly exposed to the inappropriate contents of numerous mass media and computer games which can cause them considerable psychological damage.‌

The International Affairs Division of G. A. Makarem Shiraz’s Office Offers Dear Brothers and Sisters the Informative Package of “Ramadan Spiritual Sustenance”

The package includes the Daily ’Istiftā’, the Lamp of Guidance, Daily prayers of the Month with quick commentary and a word of wisdom‌