Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s Condolence Message following the demise of Hujjah al-Islam Haj Shaykh Mohsen Ali Najafī, may Allah be pleased with him.

That late virtuous scholar services to people in Pakistan were the source of numerous blessings for many years.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's Statement in Condemning the Recent Terrorist Attack in Peshawar, Pakistan

Once again a large number of innocent people were brutally killed in a terrorist attack on a Shi’a mosque in Pakistan, leaving all the Shi’as and other free-spirited people around the world heartbroken.


His Eminence’s Statement Concerning the Tragic Incidents which have Recently Occurred in Pakistan

We hope that the Pakistani authorities quickly intervene and take the necessary measures in order to prevent such irrational things from taking place, since such things can endanger the unity of the Muslims

The UN is responsible for the recent crimes happened in Iraq and Pakistan

They ought to look in to this and see if the us, the Saudi and Qatari governments are involved in these crimes and support the terrorists in Pakistan and Iraq. If it is proved then there must be put proper penalties on the mentioned countries by the UN.

We denounce the recent massacre in Pakistan

All these calamities are rooted in the Wahhabies which have become a serious problem for the Islamic world and blurred the face of Islam so the Muslim scholars should think of a solution for this problem.

The perpetrators of the massacres in Pakistan must be quickly identified and brought to justice.

Wahhabis recognize no reason, logic or laws and they brutally murder innocent people. The government of Pakistan must identify quickly, the ones who are responsible for these grievous massacres and bring them to justice so that we will not witness such crimes anymore.