A Quick Overview on the Status of Parents in Islam

Parents are not merely the origins of our biological life and existence. They are our first and most important teachers who rather responsibly took on the duty of our upbringing, making every sacrifice for us without expecting anything in return, from the time we were born until we came of age.

Love in Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's Viewpoint

One can claim to be a true lover when one set aside the love for the self in order to be able to make sacrifices for his loved one.  In fact, true love is realized when one forgets everything and everyone, even his own self, other than his loved one. A true lover would also forget his own selfish interests and is ready to make any kind of sacrifice for his loved one.

Revisiting the Role and Significance of Man in Family

The Creator of the world has created the man and women to complete one another and facilitate one another's development