The Offical Website of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Released His Eminence's Veiw on Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The same human drive which makes us fight injustice and promote justice at home dictates that we fight injustice abroad. Today, we are duty-bound to fight the gross injustice which is being committed against the Palestinian people.

Examining the Functions of the International Quds Day Rallies from the Viewpoint of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

The International Quds Day rallies are very important, and the more widespread they become, the more effect they will have.

The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: The Dangerous Plots of the US and the Ignominy of its Allies

The US administration’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem Al Quds as the capital of Israel is a violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and a violation of all international laws about the Palestinian city. His decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem Al Quds in six months will cause tremendous and worldwide hatred against the US; all the Muslims of the world and many free-spirited nations and politicians have strongly condemned the decision.

Israel’s Attack on Syria exposed the devilish identity of Syrian rebels

This event proved that those who call themselves Free Syrian Army are in fact “Free Israeli Army”. Those governments calling themselves Friends of Syria are actually supporters of Israel. This became quite clear after this attack.

The West Should Use This Opportunity to Build Trust/ America and Israel Are the Main Causes of Insecurity In the Region

After the Islamic Revolution, Iran has achieved the true independence and if others do not prevent us, we will have a government more powerful than now.