His Eminence's Statement Regarding the Occasion of International Quds Day

I believe that it is incumbent upon all Muslim scholars, from all Muslim schools of thought, to act in defense of the innocent people of Gaza and to force Muslim heads of state as well as other countries of the world, through their unity and with the support of the Muslim Ummah, to exert all-out pressure on the Zionist regime to end its barbaric invasion and siege of Gaza.

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s Condolence Message following the demise of Hujjah al-Islam Haj Shaykh Mohsen Ali Najafī, may Allah be pleased with him.

That late virtuous scholar services to people in Pakistan were the source of numerous blessings for many years.

The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi regarding the Martyrdom of a Number of Innocent Iranian People in a Terrorist Attack in Kerman, Iran

The perpetrators of this heinous act of terrorism, who have the blood of innocent men, women, and children on their hands seek to sow insecurity in our country in order to compensate for the defeats that they have sustained.

A Review of Jesus Christ’s Moral Teachings by Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

One of the purposes behind sending divine Messengers has been the teaching of moral values.  This is because the ultimate goal of all the prophets has been the moral training of mankind in a way that they would observe moral values in all arenas of their lives.  ‌

The Role of Women in building a Dynamic Society

It is clear that both men and women have significant roles to play in developing and sustaining human societies, despite their physical and psychological differences.

The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi Concerning the Recent Developments in Palestine

The truly stunning operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance forces and youth was a deadly and irreparable blow to the Zionist regime. From a military and intelligence standpoint, this operation was such a fiasco for the Zionist regime that it will stay forever as a blot on its record.