The Love for the Prophet’s Ahl-al-Bayt is What Can Unify all Muslims/the Eradication of Daesh was the Result of the Unity of Muslims/the Muslim Ummah must be Cautious about the Plots of the Enemies in the Future

In order for the unity of Muslims to be strong, all Muslim schools must respect each other’s sanctities. We, as Muslims, will not allow Shias to insult what Sunnis hold sacred and we will not allow Sunnis to insult what Shias hold sacred; no Muslim school of thought is allowed to insult the sanctities of other schools.

A Reflection on the Phenomenon of Takfir in the Muslim Ummah from the Perspective of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

In short, the ideology of Takfir runs counter to sound reason and the explicit text of the Quran. Therefore, the great Muslim scholars must eradicate this invalid ideology through logical reasoning so as to prevent the youth from being attracted to it. 

Iran Is at the Frontline of the Fight against Terrorism/Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi Ideology Are the Origin of Takfir and Bloodshed

We are at the frontline of the fight against terrorism and extremism in Iraq and Syria; no country cares about fighting terrorism and violent extremism as we do, yet some are blatantly accusing us of supporting terrorism!