Abuṭālib, The Believer of the Quraysh

Abuṭālib was born eight decades before Hijrah and 35 years before the ʻĀm al-FīlHis father was ʻAbdulmuṭṭalib and his mother was Fatimah, the daughter of ʻAmr ibn ʻĀ’idh al-Makhzūmī. Abuṭālib and the Prophet’s father, Abdullah, were both born to the same father and mother.


The Office of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi extends its Condolences on the Demise Anniversary of the Holy Prophet's Grandfather ʻAbdulmuṭṭalib

When discussing the biography of the Prophet of Islam (ṣ) and talking about his ancestry, one of the influential people who must necessarily be talked about is the Prophet’s venerable grandfather, ʻAbdulmuṭṭalib.