Reply of His holiness to the letter of esteemed Sunnit

Reply of His holiness to the letter of esteemed Sunnit

In the name of God‌ Esteemed members of parliament‌

Second, the issue of substitution and appointment of Friday Prayer leader: we believe that it is among the duties of legal guardian in the country, and shall be performed by him or his representative. This never causes weakening of Sunnite brothers. On the other hand, the legal guardian and the president have some Sunnite consultants for handling and settling their affairs, and these consultants are accepted by the Sunnite.

Third, if we compare the present situation of the Sunnite with that of them in the previous regime, we will judge fairly that they are privileged more, while no one could imagine in the past to be so.

Fourth, some misunderstandings and rumors have darkened the relations. For example, it is popular that the Sunnite do not observe population control. Rather they act contrarily to change the texture of population. They buy lands and shops in the cities and markets of Sistan-o-Baluchestan province to weaken the Shiite, or large amounts are sent f r o m the Wahhabites of Hejaz and Khalij to the Sunnite regions to have anti-Shiite propagation, and we have received some publications f r o m there.

I do not say that these are pure fact. Rather, I say that it has darkened the relations and has made it suspicious, preventing achievement to the desired agreements. Hoping that these hindrances would be removed in the future, and full confidence would be achieved to fulfil the ideal of the Sunnite brothers.

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