Enquiry From His Eminence in Relation to Holding Celebrations in Farvardin 1393

Everyone is required to respect the days of the martyrdom of lady of Islam, Fatimah Zahra (as). Therefore, the days of the first as well the second Fatemiyyeh should be allotted to mourning ceremony.‌

His eminence’s statement on the killing of some Shi’as in Egypt

The Takfiri Wahhabis today are the worst problem the Islamic world is suffering f r o m. These Takfiris deal heavy blow to Islam and Muslim’s reputation by their horrific acts. They are portraying a violent and barbaric image of Islam which is the religion of mercy and compassion.‌

His eminence"s statement on the massacre occurred in Ummayyad Mosque

This unexpected bloodshed showed the world that for terrorists there is no difference between Shia and Sunni, an Imam or anybody, else the House of Allah or elsewhere. They have no respect for Islam nor for humanity.‌

Why Muslim scholars are silent?

If, Allah forbid, these Wahhadi so called scholars issue a fatwa that going around Ka’bah and kissing Hajar al-Aswad is Shirk and a sort of idolatry and thus decide to demolish the House of Allah, do the Muslim scholars still remain silent?‌

A fatherly advice to sons of revolution

I advise all of these dears not to violate laws, and not to engage in anything without the permission of revolution's leader and other officials. We must be very conscious and avoid giving excuse to them.‌

His highness's recommendations to mourners of the Prince of the Martyrs

The Ashura of the year 1433 (A.H.) arrives magnificently and the pure blood of the Martyrs of Karbala boils again and the lovers of Imam Husayn’s teachings get ready more and more for observing this glorious and historical ceremony.‌

An open letter f r o m Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to Abdul-Aziz Aal Sheikh, the head Mufti of Saudi Arabia

Do not forget this fact that these baseless libels and false accusation of infidelity against Shia Muslims would be greatly in favor of Israel and the United States, because such actions lead to Shia’s hatred toward Wahhabism‌

Sheikh Qarzawi must observe the realities without any bigotry and prejudice

‌ ‌ ‌ Sheikh Qarzawi supports the revolution in Egypt and the military action in Libya. But when it comes the turn of Bahrain, he directly supports the dictatorship. Is this duplicity proper for an Islamic scholar?‌

The message of his highness to the zealous Egyptian nation and honorable Al-Azhar

Justice, reasonable freedom, eradication of poverty and avoiding foreign interference in Muslim's matters, these are all from the certain principles of Islam and Quran.‌

Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi analyzed the recent events of Lebanon and Tunisia

The leaders of Islamic countries must know that the age of foreign dependence is over; they must serve their own nations and rely on their people, taking in to account that the outsiders cannot save them.‌

Cut off the Roots of the Crime

It is surprising! Although they see that such crimes do not affect the glory of mourning ceremonies for Imam Husayn (a.s.) at all and it is observed greater every year and such crimes make Shia more determined to continue their way, they are too silly to understand it.‌

The message of his eminence regarding the beginning of Muharram and Ashura:

The ceremonies and the processions of Imam Husain should be held more splendid than the previous years to annul the plots of enemies by magnifying these Islamic symbols.‌

The statement of His Excellency concerning the insolent against the Holy Quran in America

‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ The enemies of the Holy Quran be aware that not only they can't degrade the greatness of the Holy Quran by doing these shameful acts, but also it proves their brutality. ‌ ‌  ‌

The statement of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about the tragic event in Zahedan:

Once again the followers of the wicked idea of radical Wahhabism showed its real nature by killing some of our dear country men in Zahedan‌

Rebuttal of Rumors about the Issuance of Fatwa of Death Sentence

‌ ‌ I have absolutely not issued such fatwa about such persons and this is the archness performed by some websites.‌

The statement of His Holiness about painful events of Ashura in Tehran

‌ ‌ ‌ According to some reliable news, not only they promote separation of government from Islam but also some of them have insulted the high position of the leader of martyrs and his mournerss.‌ ‌

The message of his holiness regarding Shiites genocide in Yemen

The conversant Muslims must oppose and push the international communities under pressure and pray during their prayers for salvation of the oppressed, exposed and innocent Shiites of Yemen f r o m the jaws of oppressors and cruel. ‌

To the conference of Shiite and Sunni Scholars Sympathy

‌ ‌ The importance of unity and solidarity is revealed when you know that the western countries suddenly realized that Islam and the Islamic culture are obstacles for their avarice after the collapse of former Soviet and becoming the world unipolar,. So, they are trying to defeat the Muslims and division among Muslims is the best way.‌

The Message of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to Participants in Tehran Friday Prayers

‌ ‌ Our Islamic ceremonies and our rules and educations and Iranians do not let us to pollute the unity-making Friday prayers with disunity-making slogans. We will certainly disappoint the enemies and never let them to change our friendship to hatred and spoil the independence and magnificence of our country. ‌

The bulletin of his holiness about the burdensome Incidents occurred to China Muslims

‌ ‌ We strongly condemn this suppression and urge all Muslims of the world to demand in one voice that the Chinese government end this situation and punish the criminals. ‌

Statements of His Holiness at the Beginning of Kharej Fiqh Lesson

On Wednesday and in his Kharej lesson in Qom Aazam mosque, His holiness referred to the issue of the Holocaust and the turmoil and noises made by Zionist and West, and asked the Islamic and Western thinkers not to submit the westerns fusses when studying this event.