We are concerned about the U.S. and the West’s greediness.

Unfortunately, some governments have illusions about Iran, the U.S. government is influenced by the Congress, and the Congress is also affected by the Zionist Regime and maybe they do not want any agreement to be reached.‌

It is necessary to improve our relationship with Japan day by day

Unfortunately, the Western political issues sometimes cause us to be far apart. The enemy’s false propaganda against Iran an Japan make us to be far apart from each other‌

The Quran, a key for solidarity between Muslim schools

Our enemies disunite Muslims. They arm Muslims and sit aside and watch them keeling each other and tear their own countries down‌

Muslim scholars should appreciate the opportunity of the Islamic Awakening

Our enemies after being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan are aiming their plots at making disunity amongst Muslims and encouraging them to kill one another. In such condition Muslims especially scholars must be vigilant‌

Whatsoever disunity especially amongst neighboring countries, is considered as helping the enemy.

The enemies of Islam using various plots aim at making hostility within Muslims and turning them against one another. Only the enemies will benefit f r o m this situation.

His eminence warns on exploitation of International Committee of the Red Cross

As for the humanistic affairs there is a strong emphasis, in the Holy Quran and our traditions, on the notion of "the children of Adam"[the whole human being] and not on the concept of "Muslims"; this clearly shows how inclusive Islam is in this regard.‌

Today the "Human Rights" is only a toy in the hands of politicians

“They these days impose so many objections with regard to human rights against Iran, while a number of Arab countries have no election, no democracy and do not respect human rights at all, and they even never been criticized so far as these countries act according to their interests in the region“‌

Breaking down The West's exclusivism in sciences is a must

Breaking down the Westerner’s exclusivism in developments and sciences is a must; and our brilliant youth should make these stingy ones feel embarrassed‌

The message of his eminence to some Muftis of Hijaz and Egypt

Those Muftis who condemn the uprising of people against the tyrants must reconsider their Fatwas immediately and j o i n the ranks of Muslim community; they should not lose initiative in this field and must not let the enemies of Islam to exploit this situation in their own favor.‌