The Opening of the Congress on its Second Day

The Opening of the Congress on its Second Day

The Second Day of International Congress on the Role of the Shi’a School in the Emergence and Development of Islamic Sciences was opened‌

The opening of the congress on its second day by the recitation of the Quran: 8:40

The arrival of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi to the congress venue: 8:55
The presiding of the third board of directors of the congress: 8:55
The speech of prof. Wilferd Madelung, the renowned German scholar of Islam and Shi’a school: 9:00
The arrival of Ayatollah Ja’far Subhānī: 9:15
The speech of Shaykh Musa Kāshif Al Qitā’, the manager of the Al-Mahdiyyah Seminary School of Iraq: 9:20
The speech of Hojjatoleslam Khosrow Panah, the director of the Theosophy and Philosophy Research Institute: 9:35
The speech of Shaykh Ismail Khaliq the manager of the Islamic Seminary School in Paris: 9:50
The speech of Sayyid Idris Al Hānī, a Moroccan Islamic thinker: 10:10
The closing of the first part of the morning meeting of the congress/ congress goes in to recess: 10:25

The speech of Ayatollah Sobhānī: 11:00
Congress teaser: 11:30
The presiding of the fourth board of directors of the congress: 11:35
The speech of Maʿālī Dr. Ahmad Khalifeh from Senegal: 11:40
The speech of Shaykh ʿAli Miṣrī from Syria: 11:50
The speech of Ayatollah Modarresi Yazdi: 11:55
The report of the Quran and Hadith Committee by Hojjatoleslam Alavi Mehr: 12:00

The report of the Ethics, Moral Training, and Mysticism Committee by Hojjatoleslam Gorjiyan: 12:05

The report of the Theology and Rational Sciences Committee by Hojjatoleslam Jebra’īlī: 12:10

The report of the Natural Sciences and Human Sciences Committee by Hjjatoleslam Jazāyirī: 12:15

The report of the Jurisprudence and the Principles of Jurisprudence Committee by Hjjatoleslam Dāvūdī: 12:20
The report of the Women’s Committee by Dr. Faghīhī Moghaddass: 12:30

Announcing the award-winning and top papers: 12:40

Closing ceremony and the recitation of some verses from the Quran: 12:45