The Statement of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: The Dangerous Plots of the US and the Ignominy of its Allies

The US administration’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem Al Quds as the capital of Israel is a violation of the UN Security Council resolutions and a violation of all international laws about the Palestinian city. His decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem Al Quds in six months will cause tremendous and worldwide hatred against the US; all the Muslims of the world and many free-spirited nations and politicians have strongly condemned the decision.

The Speech of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi about the Sedition of Daesh at the Beginning of his Advanced Fiqh Course

At the beginning of the month of Rabiʿ Al Awwal, we heard the happy news that the power of the Daesh terrorist group has been destroyed and it no longer holds any major cities to rule. This is particularly promising as no terrorist group in the history of the world has been as brutal and savage as the Daesh terrorists

His Eminence’s Statement on the Recent Terrorist Attacks on Iraq

I urge international organizations as well as religious leaders all around the globe to denounce the recent terrorist attacks on Iraq and take a serious measure for stopping their supporters from backing them financially and logistically otherwise this fire will burn up the whole region and even will reach to the western countries.

His Eminence’s Statement on the Critical Situation in Iraq

Undoubtedly the only way to protect the country from secession and to kick out the barbaric bloodthirsty enemy is to reach a national unity which of course is to be gained through sacrifice, self-restraint of all political parties and paying heed to their responsibility towards God in such critical moment.

Jihad Declaration Against Terrorists in Iraq

These Takfiri terrorists and their supporters must know that if needed millions of people from other countries will march towards Iraq, just like the way they do on the Commemoration of Arba‘in, and j o i n the Iraqi nation and will help the brave army of Iraq.

The UN is responsible for the recent crimes happened in Iraq and Pakistan

They ought to look in to this and see if the us, the Saudi and Qatari governments are involved in these crimes and support the terrorists in Pakistan and Iraq. If it is proved then there must be put proper penalties on the mentioned countries by the UN.