The Quran, a key for solidarity between Muslim schools

The Quran, a key for solidarity between Muslim schools

Our enemies disunite Muslims. They arm Muslims and sit aside and watch them keeling each other and tear their own countries down‌

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in a meeting with a number of Ahlussunah scholars of Sistanu Baluchestan (a southeast province of Iran) related some of his memories in Chabahar and Mahabad the two cities in which he was living in exile (during the Shah’s reign) elaborated on the fact that the Quran is the main axis around which the Muslim Ummah may rotate.


His eminence emphasized on unalterability of the Quran and stated: there exists no exaggeration in the Quran. It is all reality and truth.” Neither a word is added to it nor a word is omitted; Allah the almighty says “It is We who sent down the Quran, and We watch over it” (al-Hijr 9). No one is able to distort or change the Quran.” He added


His eminence counted the Quran as the best key for solidarity amongst Muslims and continued: principles of religion, Islamic laws, ethical issues, history of prophets, and many other themes could be found in the Quran.


“Muslims Therefore should seek dignity and perfection in this holy book. There exist numerous commonalities within Muslim Ummah; the minute differences therefore should not cause disunity and discord. We have issued a fatwa that no one has right to insult sacred figures of Ahlussunah. Our Sunni brothers also should not insult the Shia.” His eminence remarked.


Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi assessed the existing problems in Islamic countries like Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan as to be rooted in disunity of Muslims and mischiefs of our enemies. Our enemies disunite Muslims. They arm Muslims and sit aside and watch them keeling each other and tear their own countries down.


He exemplified the issue as follows: it is like two brothers who have some issues and someone comes and gives them knife to kill one another. It is so naive to think they are after our good. They arm Muslims and encourage them for killing their own brothers. Muslims are getting killed by Muslims and Israel feels safe and watching us killing each other.


The Takfiri Wahhabis are puppets of the arrogant powers and Zionists. The Islamic Ummah should be vigilant and united and stand fast against this cult who shows mercy neither to Shia nor to Sunnis.


His eminence highlighted the fact that we should learn f r o m history. If one illiterate so called cleric of Shia or Sunna says something wrong we should denounce that.


His eminence described the ongoing issues in Syria pathetic and expressed his sorrow at bloodshed in this country. Who allowed them to destroy this country? Why do not we wake up? Why do not we recognize the enemy? We are able to know the enemy through reliable news and telling indications.


He also regarded such meetings and relationships as one of the best way for mutual understanding. Such visits weaken and frustrate the enemies.


Elsewhere in his speech his eminence stated: we read in history that some scholars like Sheikh al-Mufid and Sheikh al-Tusi had a course and both Shia and Sunnis would attend his class. They even would issue Fatwas based on all schools. There also exist several books in which the Fatwas as per all schools are noted.


His eminence addressing his quests said: I urge you my dear brother to be messengers of solidarity in all issues.


He also referred to the recent election and remarked: although there have been many plots running against Iranian nation yet Alhamdulillah this glorious election happened in the best way in our country.


We appreciate this epic created by our nation on June 14th, 2013. The whole nation Shias and Sunnis participated in the election. By the grace of Allah (swt) our nation is vigilant and they frustrated the enemy.


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