We strongly condemn the atrocities committed against Shaykh Zakzaky and his family and we hold the Nigerian government accountable for them

Shaykh Zakzaky must be transferred to an Islamic country where he can receive proper medical treatment/Iranian government, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must seriously pursue this issue

Shaykh Sharīf Ẓāhir:The Role of the Shi’a Scholars in the Development and Dissemination of Islamic Sciences in India

Iranian scholars have made a substantial contribution to the spread of Islam in India and they have left behind valuable scientific works in the region.

All of the channels affiliated with his eminence’s office will stop their activities in Telegram as of now

Considering Telegram’s refusal to comply with the IRI internal laws, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has ordered all of the channels affiliated with his office to stop their activities in Telegram.

The Opening of the Congress

The International Congress on the Role of the Shi’a School in the Emergence and Development of Islamic Sciences was opened