We strongly condemn the atrocities committed against Shaykh Zakzaky and his family and we hold the Nigerian government accountable for them

Shaykh Zakzaky must be transferred to an Islamic country where he can receive proper medical treatment/Iranian government, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must seriously pursue this issue‌

The necessity of a fact-finding committee to be set up very quickly/Islamic religious authorities must pursue the tragedy of Mina until they get to the bottom of it

In order to pursue the causes of this great tragedy, a fact-finding committee including members from your organization and some of the members of the bereaved families as well as representatives of responsible international organizations has to be set up as soon as possible, and they have to get to the bottom of this tragic incident and they must continue their investigations until those responsible for this heart-rending disaster are brought to justice.‌

It is not permissible to insult the Sanctities of the Islamic Sects

We call everyone to unity and solidarity, and the meaning of unity is to emphasize the common grounds. However, some people think that unity means that they should give up their own sect and accept the faith of other sects, which is not, in fact, true.‌

The United Nations has to be sensitive about the actions taken by the West with regard to the ISIS terrorists

Some countries are pursuing a dual agenda about the ISIS terrorist group; they condemn them on the one hand and secretly assist them on the other. ‌

The events of the region have been engineered with the purpose of creating a safety margin for the Zionist regime

In order to create a safety margin for themselves in the region, the western countries, the US, and Israel have no way, now, other than creating discord and division among the Muslim people, and this is while there is very little disagreement among the Muslim people; Muslim people have no disagreement with each other over the Quran and most of the rituals of Hajj are common among them and the same for all of them.‌