His Eminence’s Reaction to the Atrocities Committed by the Saudi Regime/Criticizing the Western Countries Which Boast About Being the Defenders of Human Rights For Their Silence Toward This Heinous Saudi Crime

Wahhabism is a school of thought based on the killing of innocent people. This is not a hidden or unknown fact because even their religious textbooks are filled with teachings which clearly indicate that only Wahhabis are the true Muslims and all Non-Wahhabis deserve to be killed!

The Meeting of Shaykh Isa Qāsim, the Leader of the Shi’as of Bahrain with Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

You are the backbone of the Muslims and their protector; may Allah protect you and prolong your life. We pray for your well-being and ask Allah to grant you a long life

Possible Strategies of the Muslim World against the Crimes and Atrocities of the Saudi Regime from His Eminence’s Point of View

The bloodthirsty Saudi regime should also know that the barbaric act of the execution of Shaykh Al Nimr will incur such a heavy cost that they could not even Imagine. They will, then, see for themselves the wrath of Allah (swt) being sent down on them and it will crush them along with all other murderers who have assist them.

The Saudi Authorities’ Attitude with the Shia Is Unacceptable

We warn the Saudi officials that such extreme actions will seriously hurt the feelings of Shias all around the world and shall have negative consequences.