His Eminence’s Reaction to the Atrocities Committed by the Saudi Regime/Criticizing the Western Countries Which Boast About Being the Defenders of Human Rights For Their Silence Toward This Heinous Saudi Crime

Wahhabism is a school of thought based on the killing of innocent people. This is not a hidden or unknown fact because even their religious textbooks are filled with teachings which clearly indicate that only Wahhabis are the true Muslims and all Non-Wahhabis deserve to be killed!

Wahhabism at a Crossroads

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Shias Are at the Forefront of the Fight against Takfiri Groups/Indonesia Must Be Vigilant not to Fall in the Sedition of Takfiri Wahhabism

We are ready for any kind of cooperation with our Muslim Indonesian friends/our Indonesian brothers must be careful about the spread of Takfiri Wahhabism in their country; today, Indonesia enjoys a state of security and peace.

Wahhabism is a Fabricated and Fake School and Has Nothing to Do with Islam/the Downfall of Wahhabism is near

The Sunni scholars in Chechnya have explicitly denounced Wahhabism and stated that it is not a Sunni school. We also hereby repudiate Wahhabism and state that it has nothing to do with Shia school either therefore there is a consensus that these Wahhabis are not considered as Muslims. Thank God, there are signs indicating the imminent downfall of this fabricated school. The world is now awakened to the fact that the Wahhabis are dangerous people.

The Remarks of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi in the Inauguration of the New Website of “Wahhabism Review”

The duty of all religious scholars and Islamic seminaries is to engage in intellectual and scientific confrontation with the Wahhabis; we need to prove to everyone that the Wahhabis are the agents of the enemies of Islam and that their ideas are anti-Islamic in nature.