Liars Who Call Themselves Muslims

One of the strangest things of our time is the recent action of a number of Arab leaders who, in a meeting of theirs, have announced the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement as a terrorist group; it is rather shocking that a resistance group which has given back the Arabs their pride and honor, has been labeled by the same Arabs as a terrorist group.

We must not allow the Extremists to Have a Chance to Create Division amongst Muslims

We have enemies who seek to hinder our progress and the spread of Islam in the world, but they will not succeed in doing so.

The TV and Satellite Channels which Add Fuel to the Flames of Discord among Muslims Are Controlled by the Enemies

Takfiris spill the blood of Muslims and destroy the infrastructures of Muslim countries. The enemies have pitted Muslims against one another, and now they are watching this and enjoy it.

His Eminence’s Statement Regarding the Heavy Responsibility of Muslims Towards Atrocities of Gaza

Despite all calamities the war on Gaza caused for the Muslim world and Humanity, it however, entailed a number positive out-turns; it, more than anytime, awakened the conscience of the world against
the occupier Israel. This war also totally took away the trust the world had in international organizations and the claimers of human rights.

Dignity of Muslims Is Bound Up With Solidarity

The enemies of Islam are afraid of the day when all Muslims are united. That is why they try their best to divide Muslims and spread suspicion and pessimism amongst them. If Muslims get together and become united they surely will live as a strong, noble and honored community.

Anti-Islamists should be ready for the response f r o m Muslims across the Globe

Today a group of Muslims in Bahrain, Al-Ahsa, Al-Qatif and Azerbaijan are under the pressure of the “Vicious Triangle” and continuing this way is going to lead to an unpleasant ending. The Shiites’ in Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Hejaz will not remain silent, and all Shiites around the globe will unite with these oppressed people.