Announcement of the publication of the book “The Birthplace of Terrorism” with more than 80 documents and pieces of evidence.

Two teams of researchers in the Islamic Seminary School in Qum began investigating the roots of the evil and wicked phenomena of terrorism and Takfīrīsm. After much research it was proven through conclusive evidence that Takfīrīsm and other similar extremist ideologies have been born out of the Wahhabi ideology which has been developed and promoted by Saudi Arabia. The book in question has been published in the Farsi language and is currently being translated in to Arabic, English, and Urdu in order to be made available to all the people of the world.

Iran Is at the Frontline of the Fight against Terrorism/Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabi Ideology Are the Origin of Takfir and Bloodshed

We are at the frontline of the fight against terrorism and extremism in Iraq and Syria; no country cares about fighting terrorism and violent extremism as we do, yet some are blatantly accusing us of supporting terrorism!

The Solution to the Problem of Terrorism

‘I remember two of his remarks from last year’s meeting; the first sentence was that terrorism has turned in to an unsolvable problem for Europe’; however, we believe that there are no problems which cannot be solved. In order to eliminate this problem, the following three steps must be taken: first, the ideological roots of terrorism must be destroyed, second, political negotiations must be conducted, and third, those who are guilty of committing acts of terrorism must be brought to justice. Only by following these three guidelines will the problem of terrorism be definitely eliminated.