His Eminence's Office Announces the moon sighting of the Month of Shawwal

According to the information received by his eminence with respect to the moonsighting of the month of Shawwal, 1441 from both inside  and outside of Iran  his eminence has become certain about this and therefore today May 24th is Eid al-Fitr.

The International Affairs Division of Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz’s Office Offers Dear Brothers and Sisters the Informative Package of “Ramadan Spiritual Sustenance-30th”

The package includes the Daily ’Istiftā’, the Lamp of Guidance, Daily prayers of the Month with quick commentary and a word of wisdom

The Night of Qadr: A Night for All of Humanity

The designation is on the 19th, the consolidation is on the 21st, and the decree (is signed) on the 23rd