Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's statement on General Soleimani's Martyrdom

He was a great man and a unique and insightful commander; his name will remain in the history of Islam and the world as a great general, inspiring countless others to continue on his path

The International Affairs Division of Ayatollah Makarem Shiraz’s Office Offers Dear Brothers and Sisters the Informative Package of “Ramadan Spiritual Sustenance-29th”

The package includes the Daily ’Istiftā’, the Lamp of Guidance, Daily prayers of the Month with quick commentary and a word of wisdom

A Reflection on the Teachings of Imam Al-Jawad (ʿa) From the Viewpoint of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi

The prevalence of various social problems has placed the ideal which we strive towards in our social lives at great risk. There are many problems which we are faced with in this regard. Through studying the various aspects of the life of Imam al-Jawad (ʿa) in regards to this field, we can create better policies which will help resolve these issues, particularly those related to marriage.

Ways out of the terrorism crisis from his eminence’s point of view

The flames of war will not be restricted to Muslim countries. Today’s world has turned in to a global village, hence, it is impossible for one country to be in a deep state of insecurity and other countries remain safe and secure. An example is the terrorist attacks and crimes in Paris following which panic reigns in Europe. Of course if nothing is done immediately to uproot terrorism completely, such terrorist attacks will spread to regions other than Europe as well.  

We strongly condemn the atrocities committed against Shaykh Zakzaky and his family and we hold the Nigerian government accountable for them

Shaykh Zakzaky must be transferred to an Islamic country where he can receive proper medical treatment/Iranian government, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must seriously pursue this issue